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This fall, I'll be beginning my PhD in Biology at GA Tech. Yaaay!

Hi folks!

Those of you following my main blog already know this—but for those of you who’re just following this one (…are there any of you just following this one?):

I’ve been offered a place at GA Tech, and of course, of course I accepted — this was my first choice, so I am ridiculously, overwhelmingly excited.

So this blog (if I think to continue it - I may end up doing a wordpress thing instead?) is henceforth going to be about that.



if i ever catch my professor’s eyes while they lecture, I always end up nodding at them, partly because i want them to think im listening and partly because I feel that they need the confidence boost

Students who do that are my favorite students.

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I get to use a multichannel pipet today


Haha oh my gosh my evolution professor is so sweet and supportive and I just want to hug her??

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So the running theme when people give me feedback on my statement of purpose for grad school is this:

*vague gesturing at summary of research* “I have no idea what any of this means. But I’m impressed!”

I hope the committees feel the same way. :|

There is nothing like a completely free application for a 30,000/yr fellowship to make you feel inadequate and to make you second-guess every. fucking. word.

Welp. I’ll be talking with Potential Advisor #1 via Skype next Wednesday morning. I AM SUPER EXCITED and only a little bit nervous. Mostly I want to flail at him about his project.

I have made leaps and bounds in my progress studying for my mol bio class! AND IT IS SUPER INTERESTING OH MY GOSH.

My (English) grad professor is making at least one crack a week at me about being a science major. Bring it, dude.

Now I have to write a proposal. I have been putting off this proposal FOR TOO LONG.

…I do kinda want to go to sleep, though.

But I told my PI I’d have this proposal to him by Fridaaaay. Ergh.